Compare Notes: Soccer Links

People all over the world love soccer (football), and what better way for them to connect than by using the Net? It’s the world’s sport and helps bring people together.

Today you can watch soccer videos or learn new soccer tips with a laptop, iPad or on a smart phone. It’s amazing to think what it was like ten or twenty years ago or longer, when there really wasn’t that much soccer on TV and the internet was just starting out. Today, access to the web and therefore soccer are everywhere and often in the palm of your hand when you have, say an iPhone near by.

Below are some other soccer websites helping people work towards a common “goal” of improving your own soccer performance as well as websites that offer news and insight about the beautiful game.

If you know of a quality site that should be included in the list below, please pass it along to us and we’ll be happy to add them.

Featured Sites:

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