The Beckham Cam

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They made a whole movie like this, where the camera followed around Zidane throughout the match, only focusing on him. Actually, it was 17 cameras following Zidane’s every touch and move. Here, in the video below, Beckham gets the only on him camera type treatment in his return game from an Achilles injury and his first game back for the LA Galaxy against the Columbus Crew. The Galaxy won the match 3-1 and Beckham made a good showing.

What stands out though, besides the waste of time that is the preamble to him getting read to enter the game, and besides his very tight jersey (I guess that’s the new style and relates to the material of the jersey), is his ability on the soccer pitch and the way he plays the game.

Beckham has always known where to play the ball when he gets it and where to position himself on the field, which must come from his early training at Manchester United. And he knows how to use his body well. He knows how to shield the ball, a skill that doesn’t get enough credit. Rarely if ever do you see him lose the ball.

And even at age 35 Beckham can still play at a high level. I guess he wants to follow in Ryan Giggs footsteps, and though he’s not playing in the EPL, he could if he wanted to. He still has the desire to play and win games. The passion for the game is something that Beckham has always shown.

Beckham hasn’t played in a game in months and immediately he gets right into the mix. He wins the ball and serves in a ball right to the feet of Donovan. And throughout his short twenty or so minutes on the pitch all of his passes are sharp.

Despite what everyone moans about regarding Beckham, the off field stuff, he can still play the game. It would be nice to see him win the MLS Cup with the Galaxy. That would silence all of his critics.

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