The Best Hair in World Football (Soccer)

In the top picture, Dutch winger Tahith Chong, signed by Manchester United from Feyenoord, is said to have feet like Messi and obviously has hair like Fellaini. The kid’s hair looks amazing when he flying down the line for Manchester United. Let’s hope he gets more playing time so we can see his hair and his footwork. Let’s also hope Chong never cuts his hair off.

The above picture is of Paul Pogba of Juventus, perhaps the new star of world football. Pogba also might have the coolest hair cut in all of football.

We’ve done our list of soccer / football players who aren’t getting enough sun.  We’ve done our list of tall and short soccer players. And we’ve done our bald crews, both in the MLS and internationally, so now it’s time to do best hair cuts or non-haircuts in the world of soccer.

There are two teammates on the list, both suiting up for Everton. There’s even one player who’s on two lists. And there are players who potentially could be on a few lists, since we also have our list of players with tattoos.  Really though, this is all about the best hair.

We have a wide range of players, in terms of positions and age, and hair styles from the past and more modern looks. They all have their own unique characteristics. And, many times the hair is just another way to express themselves, show people who they are.  Some players change their hair on a nearly weekly basis, dying it from one color to the next, while others haven’t changed their hair style for years.

There’s the legendary Valdarrama and then the new on the scene Kyle Beckerman with the rasta style dredlocks.  We’ve got a speedy forward in French forward Cisse, and then the energetic defender from Portugal, Abel Xavier. There are afros and wild hair. There’s a mowhawk and there are curls. If there’s a hair style or a look, it’s covered in this group. The worst hair of the bunch, we’ve saved that one for the end, none other than Ronaldo’s hair patch for the World Cup in 2002.

Dani Alves

The Barcelona defender, who has an amazing partnership down the wing with Messi on the field, seems to have forgotten to shave the rest of his head. Dani Alves played in the Copa Del Rey final with a strange wisp of hair on the top of his shaved head. Maybe he lost a bet or something.


The young Brazilian’s hairstyle is so cool that older Brazilian players are starting to copy his look, as in Robinho. The big question with Neymar is where he will play in Europe, will he go to Spain or Italy or England, and can he handle the physical nature of the game in the English Premier League? Either way though, his hair looks cool.

Djibril Cisse

Cisse is fond of changing his hair color, from yellow to blue to green, and he does it nearly on a weekly basis. Almost as much as he changes teams.

Joao Alves Jo

The Brazilian forward for Everton has quite a fro, and it doesn’t seem to stop growing. In the picture below he’s looking pretty scary, sort of witch like somehow. He’s actually on loan from Manchester City, and though they have signed a new crew of forwards, he might just end up back there if he’s playing well.

Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini, who is just 21 years old, is 6 ft 5 inches tall, he doesn’t really need to grow his fro out so he’s taller. But the look makes him all the more intimidating.

Carlos Tevez

Carlito went from West Ham to Manchester United and now on to Manchester City, and all the while he’s let his hair go, to the point where he’s been compared to the incredible huld or some kind of animal. But it was his pacifier celebration that got a lot of attention a few years ago.

Abel Xavier

It looks like Xavier has retired, or at least it appears that way, since he was let go by the LA Galaxy he has yet to sign with a new club. While playing for Middlesbrough FC he was tested positive for the anabolic steroid dianabol and he was banned from professional football for 12 months in the end.

Pavel Nedved

A classy soccer player with an old school and perhaps classic hairstyle. Nedved spent 13 years playing in Italy, 5 years with Lazio and then 8 years with Juventus, before retiring. The Czech maestro over 80 goals in the Serie A, the long hair didn’t seem to get in the way.

Andrés Guardado

The Mexican international has to get a new look. These curls, whether a perm or natural, are a bit old fashioned.

Guardado moved from Mexican side Atlas to Deportivo de La Coruna in La Liga, where the speedy winger has let people know not just about his curls but his lethal left foot.

Kevin Keegan

And this picture really doesn’t do justice to the quality of his perm, which was quite a piece of work when it was in full display. Kevin Keegan, a legend in the game, paved the way from David Beckham, as he too was somewhat of a media favorite.

Kyle Beckerman

I’m wondering how much longer he’s going to stick with the dreadlocks. It’s not that he doesn’t sport them well, it’s just that they must weigh him down a bit when he’s playing in the heat. He’s a player who is going to be hard to leave out of the World Cup squad. And maybe he’s been playing so well, maybe he doesn’t want to cut the dreadlocks when he’s on a hot streak.

Clint Mathis

Takes some guts to sport the mowhawk in a World Cup game. Mathis did it and scored a few quality goals in the process. He now plays for Real Salt Lake of the MLS, with a clean cut look, but still has the ablity to turn a game on its head with a shot or a move or a pass.

Carlos Valderrama

The Columbian midfielder made the game looks so easy. I on’t think he ever lost the ball. And the fro, there isn’t another one like it. It was so popular that people started sporting the fro in honor of the man – with wigs that is. Don’t think anyone can duplicate his natural locks.

Esteban Cambiasso

For a while the Inter Milan midfielder tried to hold on to those last strads of hair. As you can see, keeping a few long strands in the front, but he has since shaved it all off and joined the bald crew. He is still a strong player though, anchoring the defensive midfield for Argentina and Inter Milan.

Chris Waddle

The mullet is gone much like Waddle’s position, the classic winger. Waddle was smooth though as a player, dipping in and out, beating players, sending in crosses. He was the rare Englishman who went abroad to play, signing for Olympique Marseille for a big sum. He earned the nickname “Magic Chris” during his time in France. If you can play, doesn’t matter what your hair looks like.


How can you leave off Ronaldo’s shaved head and patch of hair on the front? This look has never been duplicated. No one else has the guts to shave their head and then leave this terrible looking patch of hair. Whose idea was this? Surely he was paid to do this or lost a bet?

Extra: There were a number of players who nearly made the best hair list. You can’t forget Marcelo Balboa’s ponytail in the World Cup in 1994 or Alexi Lalas’s red locks and goatee. And then there’s Vagner Love’s colored dreadlocks. And I’m sure we missed many more.