The Indestructible Soccer Ball

The indestructible soccer ball can be played on any surface, anywhere—not just grass or regulation soccer fields. Unlike other soccer balls, the skin of the One World Futbol won’t wear off no matter how abrasive the playing area. The soccer ball requires no pump or needle and will never go flat even if punctured. Yes, this is the soccer ball that never deflates. What a genius idea!

Every kid should have one of these soccer balls just to mess around with and smash again the wall or play with in the street.

And maybe they should have used this ball in the 2010 World Cup. Instead of the new adidas ‘Jabulani’, which was causing all sorts of problems for goalkeepers as it twisted and turned in the air.


Here’s the story about the indestructible soccer ball that just won’t deflate from the San Francisco Chronicle:

To make the project sustainable, the couple is combining a for-profit company with a nonprofit foundation, both based in Napa ( For each $39.50 ball sold, they’ll donate a second one to an area in need. The foundation also will accept donations from people who want to send balls around the world. Nonprofits get a deep discount on the cost.

When Jahnigen first had the idea, he and his wife had just poured all their resources into another venture, infrared warming devices for animal therapy. So it went on the back burner until a chance conversation with Sting, whose bi-annual Rainforest Fund concert Jahnigen helps produce.

Sting mentioned that some friends had just financed the construction of a soccer field in Gaza.

"Then Tim told me about his idea for a soccer ball that would never deflate, never need a pump and could be played on any surface," Sting said in a statement. "It was suddenly obvious to me that putting a little money into producing soccer balls like that could go a whole lot farther than building soccer fields."

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