Beckham: The Soccer Jersey Seller

Does David Beckham ever feel a bit used? Or should the MLS feel a bit used? After all, Beckham is able to have his cake and eat it too. He gets loads of money from the MLS and will become the most capped player for England.

When Beckham leaves the game he will gone down in soccer history as two things: the greatest crosser of the soccer ball of all-time and the player who sold the most soccer jerseys.

Update: Deal is done Beckham will join AC Milan on loan.

Is he going to come out of all of this having played for the three biggest clubs in the world and speaking three different languages? Well, at least the first part. Actually, I’ve heard Beckham spit out some sharp sounding Spanish in an interview or two. Not in this press conference below but short interviews after games.

Maybe he can add one more team to his list – I’m sure there’s a club in France or Germany he’d like to play for. The LA Galaxy can just loan him out every year until he can barely walk or bend in crosses. Who cares if he ever helps the Galaxy make the playoffs or win anything.

I guess it goes both ways though. Both sides get what they want. Both sides make money. Even loaning Beckham out helps the MLS by enhancing his brand. He’s off to play again for one of the biggest clubs in the world, and along side the likes of Ronaldinho and Kaka. If he plays well in Italy he’ll only sell more jerseys for both LA and Milan. If he reaches his caps goal for England he’s only be more legendary and sell more jersey sponsors.

How many jersey’s will AC Milan sell with Beckham printed on the back?

Does Bruce Arena really think that Beckham is going to stick around for pre-season training? Is Bruce being disingenuous? He’s certainly not new to professional soccer in America or the Beckham show. Or is he just making the statement to let his club and the league know just how he feels – that he can’t build a club when one of the teams best players is on loan. And another of his stars might be gone for a while too, as Donovan perhaps will leave on loan as well, as he should.

But back to the jersey seller, is Beckham single handedly enabling clubs to grow via his signing and ensuing jerseys sales? Does part of Beckham regret coming over to the United States to play? Missing out on top-level football and losing his starting position in the England team. Missing out on playing in the Champions League. Missing out on a derby like Barcelona versus Real Madrid, and with all due respect, it just doesn’t compare to Chivas U.S.A versus LA.

I don’t question Beckham’s ability to play or his drive, although how his team can’t make the MLS playoffs is a wonder. Beckham is a consistently solid player who’s capable of creating goal scoring chances with his crosses and scoring with his free kicks. He can still play for any team in the world and any team would take him. And he’s still worthy of a slot in the England team. He brings experience and confidence to the England side, and again, can come on to create and score goals. He energizes players around him. He helped lead Manchester United to titles and Real Madrid to a title. If he helps AC Milan to win the league, his cross meets Ronaldinho’s foot for the game winner, we’ll all have to bow down to Beckham.