The Three Rs – Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo

Who is the best Brazilian soccer player to ever play the game? That’s quite a difficult question to answer. There are so many incredible Brazilian soccer player with tons of ginga in their blood. Here’s an amazing group of Brazilian soccer stars in the video below. Will they have another shot at a World Cup title–together, or was Germany their last try as a group? Either way, the compilation below shows the talent and skill of three incredible soccer players who may go down in soccer history as three of Brazil’s best, which is saying quick a lot.

Rivaldo: “Football is a game, and people have to be cunning.”
Ronaldinho: “Creativity will take you further than calculation.”
Ronaldo: “In Brazil every kid starts playing street football very early. It’s in our blood.”

One R that’s left out of this video is Robinho, could really be four. And knowing Brazilian soccer, there are plenty of young soccer players whose last names start with the letter R that could join this trio too. Who are the most famous three Rs in Brazilian soccer? Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo…..take a look at these soccer legends in the video below.

But then there’s another set of the three r’s. Another set of Brazilian soccer stars just as good. Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Romario. And I’m sure there’s another young Brazilian coming up who’s last name starts with an R and he will be just as good as the previous three r’s.

Here’s a 22 year old Ronaldo teaming up with 27 years old Rivaldo and 33 years old Romario to entertain everyone in a game against Barcelona on their 100th Anniversary. If you had to pick one Brazilian soccer great who’s last name starts with R, who would it be? Ronaldinho…Ronaldo…to me, Rivaldo probably doesn’t get enough credit for just how good he was. Just take a look at Rivaldo’s bicycle kick when he played for Barcelona.