Rivaldo Bicycle Kick

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Game winning bicycle kick that put Barcelona into the Champions League and completed his hattrick. The importance of this goal, all three of his goals, is incredible, at stake was a place in the Champions League and all the money that goes with it for the club, TV deals and so on.

Like many before him, Rivaldo found in football a game he loved and a hope for salvation. Born into stark poverty, the hardship of his childhood almost ruined Rivaldo’s dream. As a child he lost teeth decayed by malnutrition, and his poor diet left him dangerously thin, bow-legged and muscularly underdeveloped for his height.

I saw this game at the Camp Nou, really my first time seeing a high level soccer game in Europe. My first time seeing Barcelona play. Just amazing and lucky to see such an incredible game.

Rivaldo was like Messi for Bareclona then. Here’s what I wrote about it. What stands out is the passion of the crowd. They were so demanding. Expected so much from their football/soccer team. Sometimes when they went quiet the intensity was even higher than when they were yelling or whistling at certain players. You could feel the crowd watching every moment of the match.

The entire match between Valancia and Barcelona from the 2000-2001 La Liga season is now online:

NEW: Ronaldo & Rivaldo & Messi: 3 gorgeous goals against Valencia

Watch More Rivaldo Videos: 

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