Tim Krul’s Cruyff Move Fail

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Tim Krul’s Cruyff Move Fail

For a second straight match, Arsenal capitalize on a goalkeeper’s error, as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang steals the ball off Tim Krul’s foot and punishes Norwich City. With the goal, Aubameyang becomes the quickest player to score 50 Premier League goals for Arsenal!

I’m sure it’s a was relief for Krul to be playing in front of an empty stadium without fans there to witness this error.

While goalkeepers in the modern game of soccer have to have skills on the ball, they should probably try to keep the game simple and don’t try a Cruyff cut back move when they’re being closed down! Not every goalkeeper can play sweeper keeper like Manuel Neuer. Yes, just a cruel way for Krul to lose the ball and concede a goal. Oh, and here’s the correct way to do a Cruyff cut back.

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