Matt Turner Mistake Went Viral

What was the Matt Turner mistake that went viral on ESPN?

Turner spent two years as a backup goalkeeper at Fairfield University never seeing the field. Turner then got his chance. However, an Iona College player took a long range shot and the ball hit the cross bar and Turner went up to catch the ball but fumbled it into his own goal. See the Matter Turner viral mistake in the video below.

He ended up on ESPN’s NOT top ten plays as number one. Here, Turner talks about the mistake and overcoming it.

Turner read horrible comments people said about him and even considered walking away from the game of soccer. But he got the support of some coaches who said he could play pro soccer if he put the work in and regained his confidence.

The rest is soccer history as one might say. Turner went on to play for the New England Revolution in the MLS and, of course, now plays in the English Premier League for Arsenal. While he’s not the starting goalkeeper for Arsenal he’s played in a few UEFA Europa League matches and held his own. He’s a calm figure in the back and makes saves when he needs to. He’ll now be the starting goalkeeper for the United States in the World Cup in Qatar.

I think the story is a good one for a number of reasons, but it just shows that all soccer players make mistakes and have really difficult periods of time in their careers. The key is to keep going and learning and just trying to get better. Players make mistakes or get cut from teams or don’t get as much playing time as they think they deserve. Keep your head up and put the work in and you’ll be rewarded.

What’s also interesting about Turner’s story and goalkeepers in general is how they now have to be adept with the soccer ball at their feet.

Amazingly, Turner started playing soccer at the age of 16, so he was late to the game. Now though he’s playing for Arsenal, which is a club that plays a possession style of play and requires that their goalkeeper can distribute the ball out of the back.

Perhaps it was the viral error Turner made in college that made him stronger. Made enduring that viral moment actually made him more calm in goal.