Transfers Funding Clubs

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You read about so called leaders in African countries starving their people as they fatten their own belly’s, but this got me to thinking about how some soccer club owners are doing that when they sell their star players and don’t re-invest the money in the club?

It’s a stretch, I know, from leaders of countries straving their people to club team owners destroying their clubs, and owners aren’t starving their fans just cutting down their joy, but you get the idea.  Say a team trades their top player, are the owners then putting that money into something else rather than the club?

But that’s why clubs have memberships too.  They can have a say in choicing the new general manager.  Look at Barcelona, they have a large group of club members/owners called socios, which exceeds 150,000.  Look at the new MLS expansion team in Seattle, which too will have a membership option for fans, which is backed by Drew Carey and took the idea from Barcelona.  Look at the fans support of Rafa in Liverpool as the American owners tried to control him and not give him money to purchase players.  They waived a flag with his likeness on it in support.  They’re revolt might not be equal to a country revolting over the rise in food prices, but it shows you the level of suport that fans have for their clubs.

What about players who’ve funded a clubs revival, the Rooney trade from Everton, Reyes from Sevilla–both seemed to spur their former teams on rather than drown them.  The money was wisely spent and the trade was a good one to future of the club.  Many fans might have fought the trade of their tailsmans, but it proved to be a wise move.  Some Everton fans have a different view, they’d still like to see Rooney lacing up the boots for their club and help them break into the top four, which they never seem able to do.  

On the other side are the players who were sold for a ton of money and the club was still demoted in a few years as the owners recklessly spent the money or made poor decisions.  Someone players you sign just might not work out, but the ones who don’t re-invest the money in the club or stadium, they should be rooted out somehow and banished from the league.

There are whole countries that act as feeders for clubs, take Brazil and Argentina. And exceedingly, African countries have become the feeder farms for the big clubs like Bayern, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Ajax, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and so on. 

Players have been transfered for big sums and helped start a clubs revival – that’s good for all parties in the end.  It’s only when greedy owners get their hands on a club and run it purely in terms of putting money in their pocket.  Usually winning and money go hand in hand, so the owner’s incentive is only to make decisions that will help the club win which will also help the club rake in more money. But there are owners who get greedy and make poor investments or hold back their coaches but not giving them the money to buy players when they need to.

Across the globe, players have been scooped up and set down on the EPL, La Liga, or the Seria A, but what’s the benefit to their club back home? The club that’s put in all the hard work or at least discovered that player? How much money did Robinho’s former club receive?


On the other end of the spectrum though, some coaches are upset with the power players now have in negotiating contracts and the lack of loyalty these players are showing.  There’s been some backlash by managers who come from the old tradition. Alex Ferguson took a swipe at agents and the sway they have over their players these days. Wes Brown, who’s been with Manchester United since he started as a professional, turned down a recent offer from The Red Devils and enraged the Scot.

Speaking of loyalty, Barcelona’s youth team is fending off agents and club teams trying to scoop up players they’ve trained and groomed over the years. They already lost Cesc Fabregas and Pique. Arsenal had to pay a large sum for Fran Merida who they were trying to essentially steal.

Merida was ordered by the courts to pay a fee around €3.2million — which is being appealed — to FC Barcelona as compensation for his "failing to meet the terms of a personal pre-contract" with Barcelona


How do the fans feel? Is Rooney still booed when he visits Everton? I know Tevez received a warm reception when he returned to West Ham.

Then there’s the transfer to the arch enemy. A trade that puts blood in the streets. There’s rage and anger rather than remorse at money lost. Figo from Barca to Real Madrid for instance.

What players should have funded a clubs revival but didn’t? Places where money wasn’t spent wisely, Rio Ferdinand was sold to Manchester United by Leeds and they still fell apart.

Did Chelsea make a poor choice when they bought Shev for £30,800,000? I don’t think Mourinho had much say in it though, Abramovich was adamant about getting the Russian.

Here are a few the biggest and attention grabbing transfers:

  • PSV and Ajax are well run farm systems, raking in the doe for their clubs. Park Ji-Sung went to Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven for €6 million ($7.3 million)

  • Shaun Wright-Phillips went to Chelsea from Manchester City, and this was probably a mistake on his part. Shaun would have seen regular playing time at Man City and perhaps earned a spot in the World Cup in 2006.

  • Anelka to Real Madrid for £22,500,000
  • Reyes £10.5m fee was negotiated with top ups, depending on the success of Arsenal, which could have risen to £17m.
  • Sporting Libson – Nani for £14m, Ronaldo for £12.24 million
  • Anderson and Carvalho from Porto Anderson reported to be approximately £18m; pounds 33m for Ferreira and Carvalho, while Deco
  • Torres from Atletico Madrid £20 million
    Rooney transfer fee Everton earned £31 million
  • Rio transfer fee for Leeds earned them £30.72 million
    Julio Baptista from Sevilla to Real Madrid for a fee of £13.8m rising to £16.9m
  • Alan Shearer was sold by Blackburn to Newcastle for $23.25 million

A set of transfers for Porto enabled them to bring in nine new players for only half of their summer’s income.  The transfer surplus has been used to pay off debts and has left the club in a much healthier situation than all their Portuguese rivals. Attendances in the fabulous Dragao stadium – state and city money helped to pay for its construction in time for Euro 2004 – have held up well, with more than 37,000 watching the last home game against Leiria.

Some of the worst transfers ever:

  • Juan Sebastian Veron Lazio to Man Utd 28.1 million

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