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Yes, Rooney is English but he’s got Ginga! Small sided soccer match features Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Kearn, Cesc Fabragras, and others soccer greats. See the video below of Nike Joga Bonito with Wayne Rooney.  What makes the Manchester United forward so good is his killer instinct and desire and then he’s got all the skills with the ball at his foot two.

A perfect example of Rooney’s desire is when he played in the United States for DC United and ran back, made a sliding tackle and then whipped the ball in from a long ways out and DC United scored. That’s some Ginga, right. They call the play the “wonder assist”.

Nike Soccer Ginga: The Soul Of Brazilian Football

Rooney will do what ever it takes to win. Play goalkeeper if he has to and score goals. That’s Ginga.

When I was on my own practicing it was perfect. The area I trained was enclosed so I could smash the ball about & use the walls. I practiced passing and shooting all the time on my own..95% of my game is from those days playing as a kid – Wayne Rooney

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