When Soccer Becomes World Wrestling Entertainment

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Soccer / football is a passionate game. Sometimes it gets a bit rough. Most often those crazy moments happen when the goalkeeper is rushing out to win the ball. Keepers aren’t used to encounter an attacking player and are prone to misjudging the play – to say the least.

Here’s video of some WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment,) kicks, stomps, pushes, jumps, dives and other kind of Oscar worthy performances. Perhaps one of my favorites and a few commenters on YouTube mention it too, is when someone tries to challenge Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“I just love how a guy jumps right into Zlatan, and he was like “really”…

That time Nigel de Jong was only shown a yellow card in the World Cup final for this karate kick should surely be added to this video. Nigel de Jong would be a WWE star. You might have to click over to YouTube to watch this video.

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There was that time though that WWE did meet up with some real soccer / football stars. Titus O’Neil, Dana Brooke, Apollo Crews, Drew McIntyre and Mike Rome take to the soccer field during a Manchester United football club practice in Miami alongside players Michael Carrick, David De Gea and Joel Pereira.

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