What Is Your Greatest World Cup Memory?

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What is your GREATEST World Cup Memory? What World Cup moment stands out to you the most?

Update: This contest will run through the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

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It could be anything really, but try to remember the most fun you’ve had watching a World Cup game, whether you were there in the stands with thousands of other screaming fans at the World Cup or straining to see a TV in a crowded bar.

Maybe it was the first World Cup match you watched, or the first World Cup you watched with your son or daughter. It could have even been getting up early in the morning to watch an unforgettable World Cup game. The memory could center around an amazing goal, an amazing atmosphere, an amazing player, an amazing comeback, an amazing penalty shootout…you get the idea.

Describe your memory in two sentences or two paragraphs. Feel free to post pictures and or videos if you have them. Whatever it takes to describe that World Cup moment that you remember best. Make us feel like we are re-living that memory.

For taking us back down memory lane, we will be giving away two awesome prizes from Nike Soccer. These prizes will go to the two posts that recapture a world cup memory the best.

Post your World Cup memory at our at our new forum here.

Good Luck to you all!

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