100% Selfish Soccer Moments

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Selfish Soccer

Selfish soccer moments. Soccer at its core is about passing the ball to the open player. I’d rather teams over pass than try to go alone. Some say Manchester City over pass the ball but it’s that extra pass that usually results in the best goal scoring chance. The moment that Salah doesn’t pass to Mane stands out. It seems like they have resolved this issue though at Liverpool. And Salah motions to Mane that he’s sorry he didn’t pass to him.

In soccer though you want all your players to want the ball and to want to score. However, there’s got to be some understanding that at certain times players don’t see someone or they think they can score on their own and aren’t being selfish and trying to increase their goals per year total. These are pros though. They know when they should pass the soccer ball to an open player.

Pedro Doesn’t Pass to Torres

See some of the most selfish moments in soccer in the video below from Score 90.

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