100 Caps for Beckham – Not Just Yet

100 Caps for Beckham – Not Just Yet

I’m really surprised David Beckham wasn’t brought back into the England team. Capello, who regretted leaving Beckham on the sidelines once before, is now doing the same thing as he did while at Real Madrid.

Beckham has been training with Arsenal, and everyone has been saying how great he’s been playing. But Capello has said that Beckham has lacked real matches, as he’s in the off season as far as his MLS duties are concerned, and so he did not bring him into the squad for England’s friendly match.

David Beckham

Beckham is trying to reach the 100 cap mark for England, and even though Capello has said that this wasn’t a permanent exclusion for Beckham, I don’t know why he couldn’t haven’t given the guy a break and let him get his 100 while he’s still young.

Beckham has made the effort to come to England and train with Arsenal. He could have stayed in LA and done some more video shoots with Snoop, but he chose to try to be at his top playing form so he could earn a place in in the England squad and get his 100 caps.

I’m glad Beckham came over to the MLS. He’s upped the ante for the league, putting players to a higher standard. However, he could have played at the top level for four or five more years to come, at Real Madrid or another club in Europe, he never did play in Italy for instance. Not sure if I would have made the jump to the states just yet.

There’s one thing for sure about Beckham though, he’s a true professional and deserves to hit the 100 caps number.

Even England’s prime minister Gordon Brown weighed in issue:

The prime minister believes that David Beckham will remain an exemplary role model regardless of whether he receives a 100th England cap but said he was confident the former England captain would eventually reach a century of appearances.

When Beckham does retire from the game of soccer entirely, I think England will be very proud of everything he has done for the game. While he become extremely famous off the field he always gave it all when he was on the pitch and just loved to play the game.