Algerian Keeper’s Gaffe

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Algerian Keeper’s Gaffe

The Algerian keeper pulls a Robert Green and mishandles the ball. Miss reads the ball I should say. For a keeper, it’s always tough when the ball bounces in front of you, but this one he should have saved. Slovenia’s Robert Koren’s shot goes past Algerian keeper Faouzi Chaouchi. Who’s to blame? Is it the new adidas ball again? In both cases the goalkeepers don’t get their bodies behind the ball. As a general rule for keepers that just a fundamental part of playing the position. Take a look.

What the goal scorer had to say:

“Every player, if he is being honest, will tell you there is something strange about the soccer ball,” said Koren, the Slovenia captain. “It is different to what we are used to and it gives keepers a big problem – like we saw today.”

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