All 82 Eric Cantona Goals for Manchester United

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Cantona Chip

Eric Cantona was a scorer of all sorts of goals: important goals, headers, volleys, solo efforts, long-range strikes, lobs, penalties… Of course, his appeal stretched way beyond just the goals, although his record stands at an impressive 82 in 185 appearances for Manchester United.

In many ways Cantona was a complete goal scorer rather than a truly prolific one, and what better way to truly appreciate his varied scoring talents than to show every single Cantona goal in one video.

Perhaps Cantona’s best goal is the chip that comes at the 10:07 mark below. He starts the play by escaping pressure and then charges at the defense before playing a give and go and chipping the keeper. Cantona then looks around like “are you not entertained” or “what did you expect” but greatness from me. Collar is up of course too!

And yes, in the history of Manchester United, Cantona will go down as one of the greatest and most impactful players to put on the jersey.

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