Cristiano Ronaldo Pops His Collar

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Perhaps in a homage to another former Manchester United star, Eric Cantona, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo was wearing his collar up against the LA Galaxy in a recent friendly match. He proceeded to dribble through four or five LA Galaxy players and laser the ball into the upper corner. The new Real Madrid jersey has a collar, and if there’s anyone who can get away with wearing it up, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Collar Up
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Wearing the collar up, or poping your collar, is almost like those bright colored shoes that players wear, you can only wear them if you’ve got the ability and skills to back it up. Ronaldo plays with so much confidence, like nobody can stop him, that the collar up is a warning sign for opposing teams, when it’s up, beware.

Eric Cantona always wore his collar up when he played for Manchester United. Cantona was someone who also played with a confidence that verged on arrogance. He has so much belief in his own abilities and what he could do with the ball. He scored some amazing goals when he was with United. Check out Cantona’s top ten goals.

Eric Cantona Collar Up

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