Jozy Altidore on Haiti Earthquake Tragedy

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Jozy Altidore on Haiti Earthquake Tragedy

The Hull City forward still has a lot of family in Haiti and was unable to get in touch with them due to the earthquake. Altidore said he has great memories of visiting the country and was heart broken by what he saw. Both his parents were born in Haiti.

”It’s a shame that the tragedy that has struck, but we can recover."


From the NY Times Altidore said:

”It’s tough finding out what is happening because there are not many resources in Haiti at the moment. You only see what is on the television,” said Altidore, who was born in New Jersey. ”This is a tragedy of astronomical proportions. It’s definitely the most nerve-racking time of my life. It just makes you realize there is more to life than football.

”Football is very important to me obviously and I’ve put a lot of hours into it, but it puts everything into perspective when a tragedy like this happens.”

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