Jozy Altidore Goal for Hull City

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Jozy Altidore Goal for Hull City

Quite a start for Mr. Jozy Altidore, and who knew he could score from a dead ball situation. First he gets an assist to help Hull City win in his first game, and now this free kick goal in the Carling Cup. I’m just glad he didn’t do the ‘The Stanky Leg’ celebration like his friend Charlie Davies after he scored.

Via his Twitter, Altidore, the jet setter, said he’s back in Spain to pick up the rest of his stuff. I love how he inserts a few Spanish words here and there in his tweets.


If there’s a player who can become the American face of soccer, it’s Jozy. He’s not so dry and logically Spock like as Donvoan, and then he’s maybe not as giddy and young as Adu. He’s got a little Lebron James in him. He’s likable and you just want him to succeed.

It seems like Altidore and Charlie Davies are pushing one another. Davies scores two in his debut, which must then only push Altidore to do well in his first few games Or give him some confidence. Overall, it seems like all three American youngsters in Europe, Adu, Davies and Altidore, support one another. Davies and Altidore post regularly from their Twitter accounts how they hope Adu finds a team where he can play. It is amazing how young all there of these players are: Davies is 23, Adu is 20, and Altidore is just 19.

If there’s an interesting player at Hull City who might be able to teach Altidore a few things, it’s the Brazilian Geovanni. He’s a special player who has spent time with Barcelona and Benfica and was the leading scorer for Hull City last year.

Just how good is Altidore going to be in four or five years? One thing is for sure, the World Cup hopes for the United States look better and better as more players find success in Europe.

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