Amazing EPL Salaires – John Terry

On Sky Sports they were talking about the sky rocketing salaries in the EPL. Specifically, the new weekly salary of John Terry, a cool £135,000-a-week or over a quarter of a million dollars per week at $273,253.

With the rise in TV contracts the average salary jumped from close to £92,000 per year in 1992 to upwards of £900,000 for an average salary per year in 2006.

I thought it was just in the middle east that almost abursd contracts were given out to former stars now in the twilight years after that finished playing up in Spain, England or Italy.  They roll out their wheel borrows of oil money for legends much like Roman Abramovich has down with his oil money.

But the huge salaries make a bit of sense, more eyes are watching via TV and with bigger stadiums the advertising dollars rolled in with these TV contracts that sent images across the world of EPL games.

Then, the EPL begin to add the best players in the world and more eyes came on board to watch them on TV and salaries jumped up more.  Furthermore, guys like Abromovich came to the league and begin to flood the EPL with more money and then the Americans started to see the beautiful game as beautiful but also a business venture.

For comparision, Andrei Shevchenko and Michael Ballack, are on a weekly salary of £120,000.

John Terry is a key player no doubt, and if anyone on Chelsea deservers that wage it’s probably him, but what a wage for the week!  He’s also a defender that scores goals!

But don’t forget what Beckham is making.