The Amazing Lionel Messi Dribbling Run

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So here’s the amazing Messi dribbling run versus Eibar that everyone’s sharing and talking about. And yes, Messi doesn’t dive or just to sucker the referee into calling a foul by exaggerating a kick or when a defender pushes him or tries to knock him off the ball. Despite his size, Messi is strong on the ball and often fights through challenges like he does here.

How many amazing dribbling runs has Messi gone on for Barcelona? Too many to count probably, but this one is quite special, as he nutmegs not one but two defenders and just makes it all look so easy. Which is really why he’s so special: Messi does things with the soccer ball that are very difficult and makes them look simple – like he’s just a kid dribbling a soccer ball in the park and keeping it away from everyone else.

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