Amobi Okugo’s Thierry Henry Impersonation

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Amobi Okugo’s Thierry Henry Impersonation

Well, I’m sure Thierry Henry will have a good laugh at this, but does young Amobi Okugo even have the standing to impersonate the legendary Thierry Henry?

Although Okugo nails the impersonation, everything from the inside of the foot shot into the far corner to the no celebration celebration, turn and point to the back of your jersey, and the continued no celebration angry face run back after the goal, what has Okugo done on the pitch to even be able to impersonate Henry? How many English Premier League titles or World Cup trophies does he own? I don’t think there’s a statue of Okugo outside Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium?

Okugo plays for the Philadelphia Union in the MLS and is a Unites States youth national team member, having spent time with the U20 and U23 teams. He was freshman of the year at UCLA and then went pro.

Interestingly, Okugo also happens to wear the number 14, which I’m betting is in honor of Henry. I’m guessing this impersonation was all just in fun and the highest form of flattery. I’m curious though what Henry will have to say. Henry might just play a bit harder when his NY Red Bulls faces off against the Philadelphia Union next time.

See the impersonation here.


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