Andy Carroll Blasts the Ball at the Referee

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Oops, England’s Andy Carroll smashes or I should say blasts the ball at the referee during his Euro 2012 match versus Sweden. Amazingly, the referee just goes about his business and acts like it didn’t even hurt. It must have though, as Carroll blasted the ball from about five yards away and he hit it with a ton of power.

At first it seems like the soccer ball strikes the referee near his family jewels region, but after a second look at the video it may have hit him near the thigh.

Carroll attempts to make everything right by giving the ref a hug so he won’t give him a yellow card. I wonder if that will become a usual thing: hugging the referee after you make a late slide tackle or hand ball in the box, attempting to save yourself from a red card.

Watch Carroll blast the ball at the referee from close range!

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