Arat Hosseini Training with Liverpool Youth Academy

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Arat Hosseini Liverpool

Arat Hosseini has some skills on the ball. Hosseini is a wizard with a football and is still only 6-years-old. From Iran, Hosseini has already developed skills with the ball that a lot of top pros don’t possess. My biggest hope for Arat is that he never stops dribbling and taking players on. Often young players stop going at defenders once they start moving up the ranks of soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo had to learn not to do too many moves and tricks and step overs when he joined Manchester United. But his case I think is different, he’s not like Messi who always has the ball tethered to his foot. Ronaldo was more about tricks. Arat is more like Messi in how with every step he touches the soccer ball. This is what enables him to cut and beat defenders so easily.

Of course I’m not saying Arat is the new Messi, but the kid surely knows how to embarrass defenders and I hope he never stops doing it.

Arat is now training with Liverpool’s youth academy and embarrassing everyone he goes up against. It’s incredible he is just six years old. What team or club is going to sign him up before he’s even a teenager. Surely every youth soccer academy would love to have him join their team. Looks like Liverpool has a jump on getting him in their club. Wonder if Barcelona’s renowned La Masia is where Arat would like to end up.

If you’re a young soccer player just starting out, model your game after Arat Hosseini’s soccer skills!

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