Arjen Robben

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Arjen Robben

Country: Holland
Club: Chelsea
History: Arjen Robben (born January 23, 1984 in Bedum, Netherlands) is a footballer for the Dutch National Team and Chelsea F.C.. Robben is known for his excellent ball technique, his game-breaking speed and his precise dribbling skills. He was the 2000/2001 player of the year for soccer club F.C. Groningen and the 2002/2003 Talent of the Year for football club PSV Eindhoven, both in the Dutch Eredivisie. He was also the November 2004 player of the month for Chelsea F.C. in the English Premier League.

Key Skill: Goes at people with his great speed and easily cuts the ball in both directions.
Training tip:

Watch Video: Robben Highlights

Sources: Wikipedia

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