Beckham is Back with the LA Galaxy

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Beckham is Back with the LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has reported to camp and feels his training sessions with Tottenham has him ready for a healthy season. Beckham discusses his arrival, the importance of his extended training, and his legacy in U.S. soccer.


“My fitness is great,” he said. “Obviously, I’ve been training at a really high standard since the 4th of January and fitness-wise I feel great.”

Having been sidelined for six months in 2010 with a ruptured Achilles’ tendon, the preseason work at Spurs was necessary, Beckham said.

“It was important for both sides, for myself and for the [Galaxy] team,” he said. “I could have sat on a beach somewhere; that was always an option. But at my age and at this stage of my career, I can’t afford to take three months’ holiday.

“After the injury last season, it was even more important this preseason to go somewhere and to keep fit.”

The question now is where will he play this next year, when his contract with the LA Galaxy expires. I think he heads back to Europe and most likely the English Premier league, to play for a year or two more and then comes back to the MLS in some kind of coaching or team owner capacity.

Beckham is 36 years old, so his time playing on the pitch is winding down, but look at his old buddy Ryan Giggs, still playing his best football and recently signing on for another year at Manchester United.

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