David Beckham Comments on “The Beckham Experiment”

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What were David Beckham’s thoughts on the book, “The Beckham Experiment”? Referring to the book by SI write Grant Wahl, Beckham said it was an example of ‘lazy journalism’ and just another book on the shelf. He said Wahl attended a lot of the press conferences and that’s where his quotes were taken from, but he never sat down with the reporter. More or less, Beckham said he was using his name to make money, by putting it in the title and not talking to him directly. I’m sure Grant wanted to talk to Beckham for the book but wouldn’t let Beckham sort of control the narrative.

Read excerpts from the Beckham book here and here.

Yet Beckham is just trying to play some soccer / football, which he will do in a few days for the LA Galaxy. If the MLS wants high quality players to come and play in their league, they’re going to have to look at it more from the players perspective. Think about the risks that Beckham took in many ways when he decided to come and play in the MLS. He’s done a lot for the league, just look at how other players get up to play the LA Galaxy and against Beckham.

Sure, Beckham is making an absurd amount of money to play soccer, but can still play, and plays at a very high level. You can’t deny that. Will Beckham bring the LA Galaxy some title, that’s the big question.

After the Chivas versus Galaxy game, Donovan gave a quick smile when the reporter asked him about Beckham’s return, saying, ‘We’ve got a guy who can play with AC Milan coming back and not a lot of teams can say they’re going to get better this time of year.”

From ESPN, here’s what Beckham had to say:

“It’s unprofessional in my eyes. In every soccer player’s eyes throughout the world it would be unprofessional to speak out about a teammate especially in the press and not to your face,” Beckham said.

“But I’m going to turn it on a positive spin because that’s what this needs. But in 17 years, I have played with the biggest teams in the world and the biggest players and not once have I been criticized for my professionalism. It’s important to get this cleared up and I will be speaking to Landon either this evening or over the next couple of days.”


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