Beckham’s Fake Shot Video

David Beckham fake shot video: I like Beckham. I think he’s an incredible player. However, this is just the worst fake video EVER. And I should say three fake shots by Beckham on the beach. He’s the best crosser of the soccer ball ever to play the game but this is just stilly. Plus, Beckham, why not hit on off the juggle at least!

For one, it’s too hard to see the cans he’s trying to hit the ball into. And two, it’s just not really all that impressive, especially when it’s compared to the classic fake Ronaldinho clip or some the tricks shots by the likes of college goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen.

And as I’m sure Beckham would admit, it was ‘obviously’ a mistake to make the fake video. But when your sponsor, as in Pepsi, gives you a lot of money to sip a can from a straw and then knock some balls towards some barrels, you do make the fake shot video. It’s that simple. Money talks as they say.

Unbelievably precise shot by David Beckham in this “fake shot” ad for Pepsi.

The big question though surrounding David Beckham is will he stay in the MLS or go. I think he’s headed back to Europe to play in the EPL for a couple more years. If Ryan Giggs can still play then Beckham is thinking he surely can too. And Beckham can whip in a cross like nobody else in the world. I’m just not sure what club he will play for, perhaps Tottenham, as he trained with them over the winter. But he trained with Arsenal as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

The LA Galaxy fans won’t care much either way, as his run with the team was fraught with injuries and loan deals. It’s a bit sad though, as Beckham’s quality on the pitch wasn’t really appreciated what with all of his injuries and lack of any kind of rhythm because of the loan deals and his efforts to play for England.

Not sure how much money Beckham made from this fake shot ad or how much he makes from Pepsi overall.