Beckham Is Wolverine for Halloween

Why doesn’t David Beckham invite Landon to one of these LA Laker games? The bearded one claimed he was just lazy and partly keeping the beard for a Halloween outfit. He said he wants to be Wolverine from X-Men…


Sounds like a good idea and I’m sure his son’s will be proud. With the beard he’s got going right now he’s not too far off. We’ll see if he was just playing around or he’ll really go all out for his kids an do the wolverine full costume.

The resemblance of David Beckham to the wolverine character is uncanny!

Beckham had this to say:

“Halloween is coming up and I was thinking of Wolverine from X-Men. It’s not some play-off ritual. I’m just lazy and can’t be bothered to shave. And everybody keeps telling me to cut it and I’m stubborn.”

Beckham has been to quite a few Lakers games since he’s arrived in LA, always hobnobbing with the celebrities at his floor seats, with the likes of Denzel Washington and Marc Anthony. Not sure who the girl seated next to him is though.

And there are only more celebrities these days, especially with Khloe Kardashian recent marriage to Lamar Odom. The paparazzi couldn’t have asked for a better scenario, Beckham and Kim Kardashian in the same building. They must be in heaven.

At the Lakers opener David Beckham was joined by an array of LA stars: Heather Locklear, Sacha Baron Cohen, Nicky Hilton, and Charlize Theron. Becks has come to games with Victoria, and tried to not look at the Laker girls as much as possible, without much success.

And he’s come with his crew of young boys, but I haven’t seen him with any LA Galaxy players. Could you picture him at a game with Landon Donovan or Bruce Arena? Why not. Come on Beckham. Maybe if the LA Galaxy wins the MLS Cup we’ll see him stroll into the Staples Center with Chris Klein, Eddson Buddle, Eddie Lewis, and Alan Gordon.