Beckham Says Messi is Better Than Ronaldo

Who’s better, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? David Beckham weighs in on who’s the greatest soccer player in the world.

This past week David Beckham weighed in on the question of who’s better, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Clearly, Messi is a better all around soccer player than Ronaldo, what with Ronaldo a better goal score overall.

Even though Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo were teammates at Manchester United, Beckham says Messi is the better player and there’s no one like him. I’m sure that’s got to hurt Ronaldo’s feelings a bit, to hear it from a former teammate and legend like Beckham that he’s not the best football/soccer player in the world.

Here’s David Beckham’s quote on Messi and who’s the best player in the world right now:

“While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are both better than the rest, Ronaldo “does not reach the level of Messi“.

“They have similarities in their technical skills and talent, and it is amazing for football to have them both present, but Messi is simply the best player in the world,” Beckham told Argentine news agency Telam.

“He [Messi] is alone in his class as a player, it is impossible that there is another like him. He, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not at his level, are both above the rest.” (ESPN)

I wonder though if Messi being an adidas sponsored and adidas boot wearing soccer player, like Beckham, and Ronaldo being Nike sponsored soccer player, was a factor in Beckham’s decision? I’m sure adidas was happy Beckham said Messi was the better player. Could there be an ad in the works around this….? But really though, I’d bet even Cristiano Ronaldo would say that Messi is the best all around player!

Obviously, both players are amazingly skilled soccer players. But for me, it all comes down to World Cup trophies in the end. Which player will win the most World Cups for his country. We’ll see, neither one has one a World Cup yet.

What also sets Messi apart from Ronaldo is Messi’s attitude. You rarely see Messi complain when he doesn’t get the call and he rarely dives. Plus, there’s just a special way the soccer ball sticks to Messi’s foot when he dribbles the ball. Messi is so good on the dribble he doesn’t need any tricky or fancy moves that Ronaldo favors.

David Beckham retired at 38 on top of his game and the only person to blame is LIONEL MESSI! Yes, Messi was the reason why David Beckham retired from football. Do you want to find out why? Check this video out.

New: Beckham, now owner of the MLS club, Inter Miami, said this about signing Messi or Ronaldo:

“Everyone has their wish list — everyone does! But if you look at the way Leo and Cristiano are still playing, even at what you might think is the later stage of their careers, I don’t see it ending for them,” he told a small group of reporters.

“They’re playing at such a high level that it’s hard to see them leaving the clubs they are at. But we will see. You never know what can happen in football.”