David Beckham On 60 Minutes

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Beckham 60 Minutes
David Beckham’s set to return to the English national team and try to exceed the 100 caps mark, but before that he’ll be on 60 minutes.  Everything seems to be falling in Beckham’s favor these days. He’s healthy, the MLS is about to start, he’s going to put on the England jersey again, and all of his past managers are on his side as far as him playing more for England in the coming years. The MLS should be happy about this too. All this press his good for the American soccer league.

Soccer superstar David Beckham shows off his kicking technique for CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a 60 Minutes profile to be broadcast this Sunday, March 23, at 7 p.m. Oh, and it looks like Anderson Cooper isn’t a very good goalkeeper. Come on Anderson, at least get your hand on at least one of those Beckham free kicks. I guess you’ve got to give Anderson credit though for at least getting in goal and trying…take a look at his goalkeeping skills.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s interview of Beckham, in which he demonstrates his famous “bend it” soccer kick, will be broadcast this Sunday, March 23, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Beckham, together with his manager Simon Fuller, the man who created “American Idol,” will have an option to buy their own Major League Soccer franchise sometime in 2011, at the end of Beckham’s Galaxy contract.

The deal that brought Beckham to Los Angeles was unprecedented in team sports. Not only does he receive a $5.5 million annual salary, but also a large share of revenue from Galaxy ticket, merchandise, and concessions sales. Tim Leiweke, president of AEG, the company that owns the Galaxy, says that despite injuries and limited playing time, Beckham beat expectations financially. “When we sat down, on a piece of paper, and said to David, ‘Here’s what we think you can make here,’ he did better than that.”

Extra:  Take a look at the Beckhams interview with Ali G.

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