David Beckham’s Return to Old Trafford

David Beckham made his return to Old Trafford in the Champions League but it ended in defeat at Manchester United knocked our AC Milan to reach the quarter-finals. Manchester won the game 4-0, with Rooney again shining in the game. Beckham did rip the ball on the volley though and nearly scored. He struck the ball perfectly first time.

After the game, as Beckham was leaving the soccer field, he donned the green-and-gold scarf worn in by Manchester United fans who want the Glazer family’s debt-laden ownership of the club to end. Many said Beckham looked teary eyed as he ran on to the field. He received a warm welcome from the crowd.  Beckham will go down in soccer history and Manchester United history has the best crosser of the ball the sport of football has ever seen. Every young soccer tries to mimic and copy the Beckham strikes the soccer ball.