David Beckham Sending Off Against Argentina

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Beckham Red Card Argentina
Beckham sent off for England: David Beckham kicks Diego Simeone and is sent off by the Danish referee Kim Milton Nielsen in the 1998 World Cup. Beckham said he received death threats after this but redeemed himself as he helped England to qualify for the next World Cup with his free kick against Greece in the dying minutes and then again with a penalty kick against Argentina in the World Cup in 2002.

Simeone bashes into Beckham and then Beckham barely kicks him with his foot when he’s down on the ground – a terrible call and sending off by the referee in a World Cup no less. This shouldn’t have been a red card. Maybe a yellow for Beckham and a yellow for Simeone.

An icon of the football word, David Beckham became more than just a player during his incredible career. With stints at Real Madrid and even AC Milan, the former Manchester United player would never have had such a career trajectory had he not received a red card during the 1998 World Cup.

“One of my best moments would be getting a red card in 1998 against Argentina”, explains the Englishman. A surprising anecdote but a key moment in Beckham’s career.

Beckham Penalty Kick Versus Argentina

Redemption would come for Beckham.

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