David Beckham Seventy Yard Goal

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Beckham Seventy Yards

Why not strike the ball from seventy yards away. Late in the game, with the LA Galaxy up 2-1, David Beckham sealed it with a 70 yard goal as the Kansas City goalkeeper Kevin Hartman came up the field for a last gasp hope at scoring on a corner kick. Beckham didn’t hesitate in making Hartman pay for coming out of his goal, launching this shot from seventy yards out. In the picture above you can see Hartman in his yellow jersey trying to run back towards goal…

Beckham has done this before, in his early days at Manchester United, before he moved to Hollywood and started going to Laker games and became the messiah of the MLS.

Beckham 70 yard goal versus Kansas City. This has to be the long goal ever scored in the MLS.

From the MLS about Beckham’s seventy yard goal for the LA Galaxy:

Even after LA went up a goal, through Edson Buddle’s 74th-minute strike, the game could have gone either way. It wasn’t until second-half stoppage time that the Galaxy put things away on a highlight reel goal from David Beckham.

Kansas City keeper Kevin Hartman had come all the way forward to help on a late corner kick as the Wizards chased the equalizer. When the ball popped loose, Beckham dribbled towards midfield, before lofting a 70-yard shot into the empty net.

“If he had missed that, his reputation would have been done,” Gullit said with a wry smile.

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