Beckham Staying at Clooney’s Pad

Another reason why Beckham wants to stay in Milan: he’s got an amazing pad.

Beckham has been staying in George Clooney’s house on Lake Como. Actually it’s not a house but a villa, as in Villa Oleandra, which is just a 30-minute drive to Milan.

Not sure if this would be a permanent type of residence for Beckham and Posh and his boys. Think it’s just while Clooney is away. But just one more reason why Beckham would rather stay in Italy. He can now avoid the smog and the lower level football that is the MLS while he lives in a home fit for a king – it’s just a fact though, that MLS is recreational soccer compared to the Serie A.

No disrespect to the MLS. It’s just that Beckham still has tons of ability and why wouldn’t he want to play at the highest level and hopefully make the England World Cup squad for 2010 in South Africa.

Is Beckham staying free of charge or does Clooney rent the place out? Perhaps it’s just a trade, Beckham will return the favor down the road. At least Tom Cruise is out of the picture, as Clooney will dole out political rather than religious advice to the Beckham marketing and jersey selling machine. Clooney might say:

“Hey Beckham, can you wear this Save Darfur shirt under your jersey and if you score, off of one of those bending shots, you can help get more press for the struggle over there? Kaka has all those Jesus shirts, why can’t you wear something? Or maybe another tattoo?”

James Bond has a place on Lake Como too, Villa Balbianello, which made an appearance in one of the more recent Bond films.