Beckham & Zidane Take in El Superclascio: Chivas Versus LA Galaxy

Zidane and Beckham chatting at the recent LA Galaxy versus Chivas U.S.A. match, in what they call El Superclasico. Not the same type of Clasico Beckham and Zidane are used to seeing, I’m guessing. Not Real Madrid versus Barcelona let’s say.

Zidane’s wife looked terribly bored throughout the game, whenever the TV cameras shot up to her legendary husband. No surprise, Zidane and his family left a bit early, probably sympathizing with Beckham after the match, seeing live what the level is like in the MLS. There was a lot of hoofing it and nobody seemed to be able to keep possession for any extended period of time.

Zidane: Who’s the kid that said who said weren’t professional?  Called you out in that new book – the Beckham experience or something…?

Beckham: Donovan.  The number 10.  See him? I was going to set him up with an EPL team. Now, no way.

Zidane: That kid?  He’s losing his hair like me.  He has good speed and goes at people pretty well, but not much more.

Beckham:  Yeah, surprised me too.  It was like I was getting punked by one of my own. Never happened to me before.  Giggs gave me a talking to once but I was just a young lad then. This whole experience has been like a very bad dream.  You should have seen the hotels they were putting us up in and the meals?

Zidane:  Yeah, I can see why you paid AC Milan all that money to play for them.  And if you want to play in the World Cup then you’ve got to get out.  There’s not doubt. This is worse than the Sunday league I’ve been playing in.

Beckham:  But I got through the Capello situation in Real Madrid. Remember that.  He said he wasn’t going to play me again after I’d signed with the Galaxy?

Zidane:  That’s right. And you went on a tear and helped Madrid win La Liga.

Beckham:  But it’s a good life here.  You’ve seen how it is in LA the past few days.  Weather is great – girls everywhere (whispering).

Zidane: Yeah, but everybody thinks I’m a some kind of terrorist though, with the body guards around him and such.  Really though, it is great.  Not as much fanfare in America for soccer.  You can be a bit more under the radar.  But for you that hasn’t changed – we saw your naked ass up on a billboard when we were in our limousine on the freeway.

Beckham:  Hilarious, I know.  They paid me a grip for that photo shoot. It was more Victoria’s idea.  Tom said I could do it.

Beckham:  They want me to finish out strong and help this team get into the playoffs.  It’s going to be tough.

Posh: You want something to eat? Going to run and gets some hot dogs for the boys? (Leaing over trying to get Zidane to look at her)

Zidane:  You’ve got a lot of work to do.  Doesn’t it get frustrating when you strike a ball to someone and they lose it straight away?

Beckham:  Didn’t I warn you before the match?  There are some good players on the side though – some kids have some potential.

Zidane:  Some of those kids at the Football Fields scrimmage could play than these teams.  It’s hectic and frantic.  Physical too.

Beckham:  You knew Gullit was here, coaching, right?

Beckham’s son Brooklyn:  Dad, I think I could play in the MLS, not later but right now.

Beckham:  You’re right.  (laughing) Want to come out to training tomorrow…you know how to cross the ball.

Zidane:  I spoke to Gullit a while back.  He nearly went crazy he said.  That red haired guy, what’s his name, was in his face all the time he said.

Beckham:  Victoria likes it here.  I’m sure your wife would.

Zidane’s wife:  Zizu, are you ready to go yet? I’m tired.  We don’t want to fight the traffic.

Zidane:  It’s not even halftime yet though.

Beckham: Yeah, you guys can’t bailout on me too early. It will look bad.

Zidane’s wife:  What is this sport they’re playing, is this American football?  They’re not wearing any helmets and pads though.

Beckham:  I think I know the answer, but would you consider coming out of retirement and playing with me here in LA – just for a few months is all?  Your wife and family could just chill and shop with Posh all day.

Zidane:  You couldn’t pay me a Cristiano Ronaldo sized fee to play here.  I’d get frustrated and end up head butting somebody again.

Beckham:  I understand.  I had to try.

Zidane:  Maybe I can join you in Italy when you return to AC Milan.  I’d have to get back in shape though.  Really, I think my boots are retired permanently.

Beckham:  I could really use you though.  We have to play AC Milan in a friendly soon, and then Barcelona too.

Zidane’s wife:  Let’s go honey.

Victoria:  Thanks for coming.  David, I think I’ll sneak out too.

Beckham:  You guys all can’t leave at the same time.  Zizu, you still want to partner with me in buying an MLS team, right?

Zidane:  We’ll talk some more before I return to France.  If this is the Superclasico, I’ve got to do some more research with my business partners.  I thought the level was getting better.

Beckham:  Come on homey, don’t leave me hanging here alone, one of those AEG executives is going to come up here and try to talk football with me.