Davie Beckham’s New Fragrance

Victoria and David Beckham were in New York the other day to present their new fragrance at Macy’s. Shouldn’t Beckham be at soccer / football practice or since the LA Galaxy is basically out of the playoffs did Bruce Arena give him the day off? I doubt it. But it’s Beckham, he can do anything he wants.

Wonder what his old coach Alex Ferguson would have to say about this and what Beckham has become. However, despite all of promotional work and product endorsements that Beckham does, he still gets the job done on the soccer pitch. He will still go down in soccer history as one of the greatest crossers of the soccer ball ever. That’s just a fact.

Here’s the ad for the new ‘Beckham Signature’ fragrance (named “dvd” for David and Victoria).

Take a look at this video of Ali G interviewing the Beckhams, it’s now a classic.