Berbatov Turn & Ronaldo Goal

The end-line scoop turn. So I caught this clever scoop turn by Berbatov on Fox Soccer Channel tonight, as they ran through some of the best goals of the year in the English Premier League. This is just a magical turn by Berbatov at the end line, as he flicks the soccer ball past the defender and then lays the ball across the goalmouth for Cristiano Ronaldo to walk in. All Ronaldo had to do was sneeze on the ball and it was in the back of the net.

Berbatov plays like he’s half a sleep or the competition is boring him and just not up to his standards. Which I love about him. He does have a bit of Eric Cantona in him. An arrogance about his level of talent and skill.

Berbatov is no question a silky football player, but can he be the one to lead Manchester United next year? Is he someone who can score goals like Etoo does for Barcelona or Ruud Van Nistelrooy did for Manchester some years back? But maybe his role is not to purely score goals but also to create and build up the attack. Maybe some pressure should be taken off of him and they should just let him play the Berbatov way and good things will develop on the field.  More goals and assists will come for Manchester United if they let Berbatov be Berbatov so to speak.

It’s a long off-season though for Manchester United. A bit of the shine is off their club after having been embarrassed by Barcelona after the goal by Etoo in the Champions League final. Cristiano could be gone. Tevez could be gone. Scholes and Giggs are at the end of the careers. It could be a very different Manchester United next year in many ways.