Bleeding Cristiano Ronaldo Still Scores

Cristiano Ronaldo gets kicked in the face and bleeds but still scores a goal for Real Madrid. Takes some guts to stick your head out and try to score from this spot. Ronaldo gets his head on the ball and scores but the Deportivo defender kicks him in the head too.

Ronaldo uses the trainers phone to look and see just how bad the but is…some were saying Cristiano is too vain and the picture above goes right with the theme that he cares too much about how he looks but can’t blame Ronaldo for wanting to know how bad the injury is to his face. Smart to use the phone as a mirror to see the cut!

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s face covered with blood and how the best player in the world was treated after his injury against Deportivo. Here’s behind the scenes video from Real Madrid of Ronaldo in the locker room getting the cut cleaned up.