Brek Shea Re-Enacts Scene from The Revenant

Brek Shea is a good soccer player and seems like an interesting person off the soccer pitch. Was Brek Shea just trying to catch some rain or snow? No, not the scene in The Revenant with the bear but the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to catch some falling snow by sticking his tongue out. Yes, with climate change in full you might say the weather is changing, but it doesn’t snow in Orlando, Florida just yet, does it…?

If you haven’t had a drink of water in days, you might stick your tongue out to catch a snow flake or two like Brek Shea.

New. Shea latches on to the end of a lovely cross and slots the ball home first time.

Oh, yeah, Shea also scored a great goal on Sunday versus the Portland Timbers – smashing the ball into the corner after a give and go with Kaka. Man, it must be fun for MLS players like Shea to get the chance to play with Kaka.

Remember, Kaka was once the best player in the world, playing for AC Milan and Brazil and then a brief stint at Real Madrid where he really didn’t get much of a chance.