Brenden Aaronson’s Cross

Brenden Aaronson is a smoother player. Dare I say that Brenden Aaronson is smoother than Christian Pulisic. I think so. Both of course are exceptional football players, but Aaronson might just have a way about him that’s tricker to defender and harder to read which makes him unique. Aaronson has less moves and more change of pace and smoothness about him. Aaronson glides with the ball with an ease. Pulisic is maybe more hard charging and uses step overs to beat defenders.

Here, in the video below, Brenden Aaronson shows you he can not only beat players on the dribble but cross the ball at an elite level. Don’t sleep on Aaronson as they say. Red Bull Salzburg has a very talented young player that I’m guessing they will sell to a bigger club soon. It’s a cross worthy of any world class league and an equally good diving header.

If you’re a young soccer player looking for a role model, watch Aaronson play the game.