Timo Werner Open Goal Miss

Timo Werner open goal miss. Another example of even top professional footballers miss easy chances. The key thing is to bounce back and score the next chance. That’s not so easy though when your confidence is down. Werner, who’s had his struggles with Chelsea this year, misses an easy chance for Germany in their World Cup qualifier versus North Macedonia.

Werner was setup with a simple chance by teammate Ilkay Gündogan to essentially walk the ball or pass the ball into the net. But instead Werner scuffed the shot in the 80th minute for Germany and they went on to lose the match. The game was tied at that point and Werner could have put Germany in the lead.

German manager Low said this about Werner’s open goal miss. In soccer / football this is called missing a sitter.

“He must put that ball away, no question at all,” Joachim Low said on RTL after the match. “He has shown here he can score goals. But he doesn’t hit the ball right with his left foot, if he makes a clean contact with the ball it’s a goal.”