Burns is Batman: Subdues Passenger on Flight

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Burns is Batman: Subdues Passenger on Flight

Former U.S. national team player and now director of personnel for the New England Revolution, Mike Burns, is Batman.

Sure, everyone is talking about the new Batman flick, which I’m dead set on seeing, but there a few New England players and directors who had to make like Batman and subdue a man who came out of the bathroom naked and then tried to open an emergency door—maybe he was the one who was thinking he was Batman.

Not to make light of really a serious issue, it’s a good thing they were able to take control of the situation and it was said the man was very confused, obviously, but not scary, as one passenger said.

The players were able to restrain the man and the plane then made a detour and landed in Oklahoma City. New England was on their way out West from Boston to play Chivas in a SuperLiga match.

This is some good press for the MLS and New England – good thing MLS players don’t fly on charter planes. Some press and it doesn’t involve Beckham for once.

According to Johnson, the passenger emerged from a bathroom without his clothes on.

"He was asked to go back to the bathroom to put his clothes on and he did and went back to his seat and then allegedly attempted to open an aircraft emergency exit door," Johnson said.

"Members of the Major League Soccer team, the New England Revolution, were on the flight. They were able to subdue him," he said.

The New England Revolution plays Chivas USA at Cal State Fullerton on Sunday evening.

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