Cani Goal from Half Field

Villarreal’s Cani doesn’t even hesitate as he lasers the ball up and over the keeper from half field. Take a look at Cani’s goal and Beckham’s.

The Cani goal reminds you a little bit of the David Beckham half way shot when he played for Manchester United. However, Cani doesn’t even take a moment to think about the shot whereas Beckham looks up and pauses for a moment to see that the keeper is out too far. Either way though, both exceptional goals.

Cani Versus Beckham half field goals.

But why not take a chance? If you see the keeper out and off his line, rip the ball towards the cross bar. Don’t try to chip the keeper but hit the bar with instep area of your foot but don’t follow through. Try to hit the cross bar, use that as your target, and hopefully the ball will dip just below the bar and go into the net.

Taking a long distance shot like this also keeps the keep honest, and back in around the goal area. So if you have a break away let’s say then the keeper won’t be pushed out and ready to intercept any through balls.