Capello Making Up for Benching Beckham at Madrid

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I’m surprised David Beckham is even selected for the England team. I do think he’s a quality player and should play for England, it’s just that I’m surprised Capello brings him into the team when Beckham is playing for the last place team in a league in the United States called the MLS.

Beckham is getting up there in age, too (he’ll be 35 years when the World Cup comes around in less than 2 years) and thus he most likely won’t feature in South Africa, but that’s still debatable. He’s always one to do the unexpected and that makes him worthy of the England team. He can score on free kicks and bend in crosses like no one else.

But Capello made the statement that Beckham wouldn’t play for Real Madrid again after he signed for the LA Galaxy, yet Becks did return and was had a big part in helping them win the La Liga title. Now, is Capello making up for that past mistake and putting Beckham into the England team?

While at Real Madrid, coach Fabio Capello said this at a news conference about Beckham:

“He will practice, but he is not going to play,” Capello said Saturday at a news conference. Beckham’s contract with Real Madrid expires in June. The 31-year-old player would “continue to give his full commitment and professionalism to the club,” Beckham spokesman Simon Oliveira said.

For a number of weeks Beckham watched from the stands and put in the work at practice. It eventually paid off and Beckham was brought back into the Real Madrid side.

Beckham brings something to the game besides just his crosses and free kicks. He brings a confidence and experience. He’s been both the hero and heard the whistles and boos rained down on him, the hero for his goal against Greece and the enemy for his red card against Argentina.

It will be interesting so see if Beckham can make his way into the England team for the World Cup in 2010. The rise of Theo Walcott has made him more expendable, and rightly so, Theo has blazing speed and the ability to go at players. But what Beckham brings might earn him a place even still, why not have a player on the team who can win you a game with a free kick and has so much experience in world football?

After Ashely Cole flubbed the back pass in the game against Kazakhstan, Beckham clearly made an effort to support Cole. After they scored a goal from one of Beckham’s crosses, you could see Beckham calling out to Cole to keep his head up and not worry about the mistake as they were all celebrating. Beckham is a player you want on your team.

For some reason though, the LA Galaxy are about to miss the playoffs for the second year in a row with David Beckham in their side.


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