Carlito Tevez’s Way

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Sorry about the title, but these days it’s all about the little Argentine’s way. Carlos Tevez is perhaps one of the best forwards to ever play in the English Premier League.

To think there’s controversy surrounding Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and Conan and Jay Leno, they’ve got nothing on the Tevez versus Neville bust up and the Manchester City versus Manchester United Carling Cup clash. Hand gesticulations, talk talk talk, the middle finger, it was all there for everyone to see. And I thought in England they used the peace sign as the middle finger? Two fingers backwards.

The story doesn’t end there, the two are still talking and the two teams will face one another this next week. I can’t wait.

When it gets down to it though, Tevez has done his talking on the pitch, racking up over 12 goals this season, more than he scored last year for Manchester United.


While at United, he complained about his lack of playing time, and missing out on big games, now he’s showing what he can do if he plays day in and day out. He’s on a mission it appears to prove his worth.

Tevez left Manchester United because he felt unwanted. He stood up to Gary Neville. He’s not one to back down. He’s a lion. He grew up in the projects of Argentina. He’s the Apache. He’s only 25 and this next World Cup could bring him more accolades.

And Tevez has been through worse:

‘He was accidentally scalded with boiling water as a child, which caused third-degree burns and kept him hospitalized in intensive care for nearly two months.’

Now, Tevez is a legend for three EPL teams: West Ham, Manchester United, and Manchester City. Sure, his relationship with Manchester United is perhaps more love/hate, but deep down the fans at United still love his work ethic and what he did for the club in the short time he was there. If Manchester United fan’s had choice, they would have kept him. And the polls are showing just that, with 65% saying Tevez should have remained a Red Devil.

Alex Ferguson was dismissive, said he’s had other players leave and score against his team, who were those players? Louis Saha, Ruud Van Nistelrooy…I don’t think either of them scored goals that hurt Manchester United like the two goals Tevez scored in the Carling Cup this past week. Actually, I believe Saha did score in the FA Cup final against Manchester United.

But Tevez’s goals have to burn Ferguson at least a little bit, even if he won’t admit it. Next weeks return leg of the Carling Cup will be epic.

What was it that Wayne Rooney said or was yelling at Tevez just before he stepped up to take the penalty? He didn’t get into Tevez’s head though, as Tevez still smashed home the penalty, but I’d still love to know. If you watched Rooney’s lips it didn’t seem too friendly. Remember when Tevez and Rooney were so effective when they were teammates. Those were the days. Yet Rooney has been on a goal scoring tear himself, maybe he’s doing it to prove that he can score more goals than the Argentine.

Overall, I’d still say all the Manchester United players respect Tevez as a player, they’re just extremely competitive and once a player leaves United, it’s over. However, off the field I’m guessing they are still friendly, though Neville and Tevez won’t be sharing a drink any time soon.

Barry and Tevez Interview

Tevez and Rooney

And to think Tevez and Rooney were so good together. This give and go and back heel was genius.

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