Carlos Puyol Doing the Splits

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Carlos Puyol Splits
Real Madrid’s Angel Di Maria cuts the ball back and Carlos Puyol ends up doing the splits. Di Maria chops the ball back with the inside of his foot and then fakes likes he’s going inside before cutting back outside again. It takes a minute for Puyol to get up off the ground while Cristiano Ronaldo slots the ball home. It’s almost like Puyol was stuck and couldn’t move. I don’t think he’s ever stretched his legs out that far before. Puyol getting beat and doing the splits like this haunts him in his nightmares still probably.

Even the best defenders get beat badly sometimes….Di Maria making Puyol do the full splits.

Here’s the video of Di Maria’s cut back. I almost feel bad for poor Carlos, who’s such a warrior for Barcelona. Was it the Di Maria cut or Puyol’s shoes giving way and him slipping or a little bit of both. Doing the splits like this is painful too, Puyol probably pulled his groin muscle.

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