Carlos Puyol Bandage on His Head

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Carlos Puyol is a Barcelona legend. For Barcelona fans, it’s was a night to forget as they lost 2-0 to AC Milan in the first leg of the Champions League duel. And they lost despite keeping possession of the ball 73% of the time during the match. AC Milan packed all their players in the box for the most part and didn’t let Barcelona get many touches in the attacking third. What’s more, Messi wasn’t his usual magical self, losing the ball and creating few chances for others or himself.

I think Carlos Puyol should just wear his mask permanently, that way he wouldn’t get so bloodied up and wouldn’t have to come out of the game.

But there was Carlos Puyol: always the fighter and the battler for his club even if he’s bleeding from his forehead.

Puyol suffered a cut to his forehead but still kept playing. He only went off in the dying minutes of the game when he tried to head the ball off a corner kick and the bloody bandage came off. He wasn’t too happy with he’s team’s performance on the night as you can see from this picture. AC Milan deserves a lot of credit though, as they kept Barcelona from playing their tiki taka style of play in the goal box and then broke free when they could and took their goal scoring chances very well.

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