Caroline Wozniacki Meets Beckham, Likes Soccer

Caroline Wozniacki, the up and coming women’s tennis star from Denmark endeared fans at the U.S. open not just with her play but with her yellow finger nail polish that matched her shorts and her easy to smile personality. And she also knows who to play the game, as she beat Maria Sharapova quite easily in two sets.

Last year she was all similes out at a LA Galaxy practice to meet David Beckham and some of the other LA Galaxy players.

I don’t know about Bruce Arena’s comment though, ‘too old for me’….

Athough Eddie Lewis at some good insight, it is odd that the player who they’re playing against they warm up with prior to the tennis match. I’d have a tough time knocking the soccer ball around with the opposing team before the game.

Interestingly, Wozniacki won over the crowd after she fell down….from the NY Times.

What got my attention was a point in which Wozniacki came to the net, and Sharapova lobbed her, and Wozniacki went to chase it … and fell on her behind. And immediately smiled. And the crowd, very much a Sharapova crowd, loved Wozniacki’s effort and her sense of self-deprecation and fun. She won over a fair amount of those in Ashe at that moment.